Tesla patents new battery cell for faster charge, better longevity, and lower cost



1st Anniversary on WordPress

Happy to be member of WordPress Bloggers community,I have written less in the past year but read a lot but this year I am planning to write a lot.

Hopefully I will achieve my dreams this years of writing a lot. Writing is a habit as well as an art,You have to focus on key details,summarizing your imagination can be hard if your topics are complex.




Climate change Effect is going to be Worse then our Imaginations

Shortly after Donald Trump was sworn in as president on Friday, the White House said that eliminating power plant climate rules, a clean water rule, and other environmental regulations would “greatly help American workers, increasing wages by more than $30 billion over the next seven years.” The statement, included on the White House’s website to…

via Tossing environmental rules won’t raise wages, no matter what the White House says — Grist

Fall of British Pound after Brexit



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The consequently fall of the British Pound after the Brexit is catastrophic for the people living in the Great Britain but the people living outside the UK  are loving it.The goods & products which are imported Nowadays a lot cheaper & if this process continues and the Pound fails to recover then Its a quite shocking news.The economist of Great Britain have to come up with a plan before its to late.

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Summers in Pakistan(Climate-Change)

Summers in Pakistan are started harshly with a heat wave of 50% Celisus last week,We should not forget last year in summers thousand of people died in Karachi in the Holy month of Ramadan.

Climate change is real & in third world countries like Pakistan who is going to talk about it where people don’t have enough resources to meet their daily needs.

From Past few years climate is changing rapidly fast.If we see the recent histroy Pakistans has been affected by huge floods which have devestating effect on people as well on the land.

Thanks to our policy makers each year they have some bullshit story to cover their failure if we don’t wake up as a nation on this issue then in future I am afraid we will be to late to overcome these crisis.

I ask the privileged class,the civil society,media, & the youngster who study in reputed universities we are the future of this country we should join hands for this cause.We should try to bring more awareness in the public as well as on social media.